With one of the most diverse range of visitors at any attraction, great parks have a critical need for appropriate and easily understandable park signage. Often implemented throughout miles of roads, acres of grounds and experienced by thousands of unique visitors every day, a parkʼs comprehensive wayfinding program of colorful signage and graphics are key to defining its many features. Signage, area markers, sponsor displays and venue graphics combine to set a dramatic and festive tone throughout the park environment. Read more

Representative Projects
Aliso Viejo Pacific Park
Arroyo Seco Trails

Baldwin Hills Park Lands
Barnsdall Art Park
Bay Area Ridge Trail
Brand Park, Glendale
Costa Mesa Parks
Descanso Gardens

Exposition Park
Fontana Park
Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Houston Memorial Park
Jefferson National Expansion Monument
Kenneth Hahn Visitor Center
Los Angeles County Arboretum
National Mall and Memorial Parks
Rose Bowl
San Francisco Bay Trail
Santa Monica Parks
McClellan Ranch Preserve
National Mall and Memorial Parks
National Parks of  New York Harbor
OC Parks
Oso Creek Trail
Pacific Park, Glendale
Palos Verdes Nature Preserve

Rock Creek Park
Salt Creek Trail
Santa Barbara Parks
San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso
Saratoga National Historical Park

Statue of Liberty National Monument
Stevens Creek Trail
Treasure Island, San Francisco
Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Zion National Park