Americaʼs cities and institutions are entering a period of significant change and evolution. People are rediscovering the city center and are now expecting a widening list of services and a higher caliber of signage and wayfinding to match. While many factors contribute to the success of a civic environment, the role of effective wayfinding, signage and graphics cannot be underestimated. Read more

Representative Projects
Anaheim Convention Center
Antelope Valley Courthouse
Edmund D. Edelman Children’s Court
Fontana Civic Center

KABC7 Studios
LA Co Sheriff-Biscailuz Regional Training Center
Pasadena City Hall

Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA
Regional Justice Center
Brand Library
Brea Civic Center
Culver City Hall
Naval Base Coronado Coastal Campus
Oxnard Civic Center
Pasadena Convention Center

RTC Bus Terminal, Las Vegas
Santa Clara Family Justice Center

Sahara DMV