Exhibits bring life to culture, history, people, places, science and more. Be it through words and pictures, objects in two dimensions or three, or even sounds, visitors go to exhibitions to learn and experience unique stories and increase their understanding of our world’s many mysteries. Creating clear, consistent and compelling communications throughout the exhibit brings a story to life.

Through its comprehensive work on countless award-winning exhibitions around the country — both permanent and traveling — Hunt Design has brought excitement and clarity to a variety of topics in a wide range of grand architectural places and spaces. From low-tech interactive graphic elements to a playful juxtaposition with other more diverse, high-tech and cutting-edge techniques, Hunt has applied it skills to a wide variety of subjects: Americaʼs historic past, the science of electricity, the history and future of cars and space travel, to the mysteries of King Tut, the childlike wonder in a fairy tale or the world’s tallest buildings. The firmʼs comprehensive exhibit design work for museums, parks, historic destinations and others touch every point of guest contact: ticketing and entry to the exhibit spaces, wayfinding, common area graphics, printed maps, large-scale exhibit graphics, multimedia displays and more. By using color, typography and bold, largescale imagery to assure a cohesive, powerful and singular visual voice, the primary messaging and content puts the primary goal and content-driven objective of the exhibit and the forefront. At the heart of its work are creativity and the ability to bring reality to wonder and excitement. It’s about compelling, visual storytelling.

Our services for permanent and traveling exhibits include
• Exhibit planning
• Exhibit graphics
• Naming and branding
• Concept design and administration
• Construction drawings
• Maps and directories
• Donor recognition programs

Representative Projects
Action! An Adventure in Movie Making
Backyard Discoveries
Chicano Now! American Expressions
CSI: The Experience
DinoLabs and DinoDig
Earth Explorers
Genome: A Secret to Life
King Tut
Mummies of the World
Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition
Space: A Journey to Our Future
Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America